Expert Guidance: Board of Advisors

EvaluationsHub benefits from the wisdom and expertise of a distinguished Board of Advisors. These accomplished
executives bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to our organization.

Ton Geurts

Former CPO at Akzo Nobel, Bekaert, and DSM, currently serves as the director of BISCI and partner at Ximpax.

Rasmus Åradsson

A partner at the renowned advisory firm Intenz, offers invaluable insights to help shape our strategic direction.

Richard Isley

Deputy director of the Association of Key Account Management (AKAM) and president of SMCG in the UK, provides his deep understanding of key account management practices.

Together, our team is dedicated to revolutionizing key account management through Vockam's
innovative SaaS software. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey and experience
the power of modern key account management for your B2B business.

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