Expert Guidance: Board of Advisors

EvaluationsHub benefits from the wisdom and expertise of a distinguished Board of Advisors. These accomplished
executives bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to our organization.

Ton Geurts

Former CPO at Akzo Nobel, Bekaert, and DSM, currently serves as the director of BISCI and partner at Ximpax.

Rasmus Åradsson

A partner at the renowned advisory firm Intenz, offers invaluable insights to help shape our strategic direction.

Richard Isley

Deputy director of the Association of Key Account Management (AKAM) and president of SMCG in the UK, provides his deep understanding of key account management practices.

The power of collaboration can drive mutual success. Whether you're an agency seeking innovative
tool or an industry expert looking to amplify your influence, our Partner Program and
Affiliate opportunities offer a platform for growth. Join us in shaping the future of
B2B relationships together.

Why would you consider
partnering with us?

Stand out in your market

Our unique solution and leading features provide a clear advantage for you over your competitors, making you shine in a crowded marketplace.

Quality and reliability

Our software is designed to meet your audience's precise needs, ensuring valuable solutions that enhance their businesses.

Marketing and branding support

Access to our resources, branding materials, and co-marketing opportunities can greatly amplify your outreach efforts.

Advisory firm, consultant, or agency opportunities

To effectively address your clients' challenges when dealing with their B2B counterparts, it's crucial to
spot these issues early on. Your role involves creating solutions while continually seeking ways to
enhance value for your clients. Here's how you can make a meaningful impact

Tailor the evaluation process setup and EvaluationsHub templates to match the industry and company requirements.
Automate the monitoring of periodic evaluations and data collection through EvaluationsHub.
Establish connections between different evaluation criteria and various customer or vendor accounts of your client.
Complete the feedback loop by creating a strategic plan for your clients and assisting in its implementation.

Whether you're a B2B expert, content creator, or keynote
speaker, you enjoy unique advantages

Access premier resources and utilize established B2B research to enhance your content.

Design specialized EvaluationsHub templates tailored to specific review processes, potentially attracting new EvaluationsHub customers.

Amplify your influence and credibility in the B2B arena through speaking engagements and thought leadership.

Seamless Integration in Proposals

Effortlessly integrate the EvaluationsHub solution into your consultancy proposals, showcasing its value as an essential tool to your clients.

Branding Customization

Utilize white labeling to tailor EvaluationsHub with your own branding and logo, enhancing brand consistency and recognition throughout your engagements.

Zero Commissions on Your Services

We don't take any commissions on your services once you incorporate EvaluationsHub, allowing you to focus solely on your expertise and value delivery.

Exemplify Professionalism

Embrace a professional image by using a premium tool like EvaluationsHub, reinforcing your credibility and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

Dedicated Consultant Profiles

Enjoy a specialized user profile tailored for consultants and advisory firms, streamlining your experience and maximizing the tool's benefits for your unique needs.

What Sets EvaluationsHub Apart?

EvaluationsHub isn't just a tool; it's a strategic asset that amplifies your consultancy's effectiveness and professionalism. Discover the unique advantages of EvaluationsHub that empower your consultancy

Enhance Customer Experiences, Boost Success

Create a customer-centric culture by effortlessly collecting feedback across various touchpoints. Leverage
deep insights into customer preferences to drive satisfaction, retention, and business success.

You will receive your commission automatically on your account of your choice through Zoho Thrive. Additionally, you have the option to offer the commission as a rebate for your clients or donate it to a charity organization.

You earn a commission of 30% on all paying customers for the first year. This applies to all EvaluationsHub software products and add-ons purchased by the customer using your referral link.

We provide you with a dedicated dashboard where you can monitor your referrals, track commissions earned, and access real-time reporting on your performance.

Commission payments are processed on a monthly basis. You will receive your payments within the first week of each month for the previous month's sales.

Absolutely! We encourage you to use your creativity and marketing expertise to promote our products. However, all promotional materials should align with our branding guidelines and adhere to ethical marketing practices. You cannot make false promises on the software.

In the event of a refund or chargeback initiated by a customer, the corresponding commission will be deducted from your account.

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