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Start with what you Already Have to Streamline
Customer Feedback Collection

Level up Your Evaluation Approach. Start with what you have,
customize feedback collection from colleagues and customer contacts to the next desired level.

Clear Visibility, Better Decisions: Improve Supplier Performance with Data Insights

Struggling to track supplier performance? Our SaaS offers a centralized platform for data collection and analysis. Gain insights to identify top performers, optimize costs, and make informed procurement decisions.

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Simplify Communication, Strengthen Relationships: Streamline Interactions with Suppliers

Break down communication barriers with suppliers. Our SaaS platform facilitates smooth information exchange, allowing for clear expectations and improved collaboration. Build stronger partnerships and ensure successful outcomes.

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No-hassle Management, Increased Efficiency: Free Up Your Time with Automated Workflows

Feeling overwhelmed by supplier management tasks? Our SaaS automates repetitive processes, streamlining workflows and saving your team valuable time. Focus on strategic initiatives and achieve greater efficiency.

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Unlocking Modern B2B Relationship
Excellence with EvaluationsHub

We are driven by a singular mission - to empower B2B companies in achieving and nurturing exceptional customer relationships. Our web application is the culmination of ten years of rigorous academic research conducted from the buyer's perspective. This groundbreaking research earned Dr. Bert Paesbrugghe, our founder, the prestigious first prize of the 20th Annual Award for Best Doctoral Dissertation at the American Marketing Association in 2017.

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Companies that don't prioritize customer feedback risk losing up to 20% of their customers each year.
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Companies with high customer satisfaction scores have 3 times the revenue growth compared to companies with low satisfaction scores.
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A 1% increase in customer satisfaction can lead to a revenue increase of up to 11%.

Explore Supplier Performance
Evaluation Templates

How do leading firms organize their vendor evaluations? Explore the trending
academic-backed evaluation roadmaps and survey templates here.

Enhance Customer Experiences, Boost Success

Create a customer-centric culture by effortlessly collecting feedback across various touchpoints. Leverage deep insights
into customer preferences to drive satisfaction, retention, and business success.

Effective measurement of customer satisfaction in B2B evaluations involves utilizing methods like surveys, interviews, and feedback analysis. By gathering insights from various sources, such as surveys of internal and external teams, customer support tickets, and direct feedback, businesses can assess customer satisfaction levels accurately.

Key metrics for B2B customer evaluations often include satisfaction scores on customer-specific variables, customer retention rates, net promoter score (NPS), and soft variables. These metrics provide valuable insights into the overall health of customer relationships and business growth potential.

Improving customer retention rates in B2B evaluations involves focusing on customer satisfaction, personalized support, and effective account management. By addressing customer pain points, providing exceptional experiences, and offering tailored solutions, businesses can enhance customer retention and loyalty.

Aligning B2B evaluations with customer needs and goals requires understanding customer expectations, pain points, and desired outcomes. By collecting and analyzing customer feedback, businesses can tailor their evaluations to address specific needs and provide valuable insights for mutual success.

Best practices for B2B evaluation programs include establishing clear objectives, selecting appropriate evaluation methods, capturing feedback across multiple touchpoints, analyzing data effectively, and incorporating actionable recommendations. Regularly reviewing and adapting evaluation strategies based on insights ensures continuous improvement.

Leveraging B2B evaluation insights involves translating data into actionable strategies. By identifying areas for improvement, recognizing upselling opportunities, and addressing customer pain points, businesses can drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase revenue.

Drive Growth and Outperform Your Competitors:
Harness the Power of Measurement

Master the art of relationship measurement to elevate collaboration, foster
trust, and achieve exceptional results

Ready to take control of your evaluation process?

EvaluationsHub is your all-in-one solution for seamless evaluations and actionable
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