Effective Feedback Management: Go
beyond mere data collection

EvaluationsHub enables you and your colleagues to address issues and achieve
objectives, fostering continuous business improvement.

Easy Steps For a Customizable Set-Up

Segment-Specific Account Management: Add your accounts, and segment them if needed, to align with your business structure.
Customizable Evaluation Methods: Choose from a variety of evaluation methods and business metrics that resonate with your objectives.
Automated Evaluation Process: Launch and automate your evaluation process, custom-tailored to meet your desired frequency and depth.

Facilitating Communication

Facilitate smoother interactions and evaluations with external companies, addressing common challenges in B2B collaborations.

Detailed Communication Features: enriched commenting system, crucial for capturing in-depth feedback and promoting clear internal communication.
Unified Data View: Consolidate data from different external companies for a complete performance picture.

Streamlined Data Integration for Comprehensive Analysis

Effortlessly merge data from various sources for a well-rounded evaluation, crucial in a B2B context.

Performance Tracking: Easily monitor and manage the performance of external companies, ensuring alignment with your business goals.
Actionable Insights: Leverage integrated data to make informed decisions and enhance business relationships.

Customizable Evaluation Framework for Diverse Needs

Set and track specific objectives for external partnerships, ensuring focused and effective collaboration. Adapt your evaluation strategies to meet the unique demands and challenges of each external B2B partnership.

Quickly identify and address issues in external collaborations, enhancing overall efficiency.
Flexible Method Selection: Choose from a wide range of evaluation methods and metrics to best suit the nature of each external relationship.

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