Create a unified truth in evaluations beyond NPS,
accessible to different teams.

Integrating Multiple Metrics and Criteria for Clearer Business Insights

Using multiple evaluation methods helps to get a clearer picture of the satisfaction and performance. It's like putting together different pieces of a puzzle to see the full image.

Collaborative Data: Blending Internal and External Feedback for Comprehensive Analysis

Combining evaluation metrics from both internal and external teams offers a comprehensive understanding of your business. It brings together varied perspectives, ensuring a balanced view of performance and opportunities.

Customize Your Evaluation Platform

Your Brand, Your Platform: Customizing User Experience for Your Brand Identity.
Customize your evaluation platform interface with your brand's colors and logo, creating a user experience
that resonates with your company's identity. Utilize your own email address for communications and enjoy a unique,
branded URL, ensuring every aspect of the platform reflects your brand seamlessly.

Personalized Platform URL

Get a custom URL like, providing a unique and branded entry point for your evaluations.

Email Customization with SMTP

Utilize SMTP to send emails from an address of your choice, making every communication reflect your brand identity.

Robust Data Security and Compliance

Ensuring Maximum Protection with Advanced Security Features

Security Measures: Advanced Protection

Our platform strictly manages roles and permissions, ensuring secure data access, and employs multi-factor authentication to enhance overall security.

GDPR Compliance: Safeguarding Your Data

We adhere to the highest standards of data security, including robust encryption, aligning with GDPR and other compliance norms.

Consultant Integration: Enhancing Collaboration with
a Consultant-Friendly Interface

Streamlining Client and Advisor Engagement Through a Versatile Platform

Flexible Usage: Empowering
Consulting Firms

Designed for adaptability, the tool allows consulting firms to seamlessly onboard their clients, enhancing the consultancy experience with robust, interactive tools.

Collaborative Tool

EvaluationsHub enables companies to add advisory firms as moderators or assistants, facilitating a collaborative environment for strategic guidance and support.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Elevate Your Workflow with Advanced Compatibility Features

No-code Software Integration

Our platform currently integrates with Salesforce and SAP, ensuring seamless connectivity with major business tools.

Expanding Compatibility

We are soon adding integration options for FreshSales, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, Zoho, Asana, Google Sheets, MS SharePoint, MS Teams, Slack, Zoom, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, Typeform, and Zendesk, broadening our scope to enhance your operational efficiency.